Who is Amir Hakim Teo?

Amir is a entrepreneur and SEO Expert and owner of two digital agencies. AHT Digital to cater to Mid-sized clients and Pavilion Media to cater to Luxury and High-end Clients in Singapore. His great passion is to help local clients to reach the top spot on the google search engine, design and develop beautiful websites with ui/ux methodologies and achieve business goals of clients through strategy and Full-Suite digital marketing needs. He can now afford to be picky and choose only clients he likes and wants to work with.

Everyone wants to rank their websites Number #1 on Google.

and that is why....

Not Everybody can rank Number #1.

Amir Hakim Teo

Industries that I specialize and serve

High End Luxury


Aesthetic Doctors
Medical Specialists

Business to Business

Financial Industry

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