Amir Hakim Teo

Although our SEO Agency Singapore was founded in 2018, our marketing roots go back to 2014. Our founder, Amir Hakim Teo, learned marketing because he had no choice. At the age of 17, he created his first website selling drones and paid a few marketing/seo agencies to help him out, but they provided little to no results and took all of his money.

He was left with no choice but to learn marketing and SEO in Singapore, and he eventually got good at it. Amir never planned on doing marketing for other companies until 2018.

When Amir reached the top spot on search engines for his clients, they were getting so much leads that He can now afford to be picky and choose only clients he liked and wanted to work with.

This site was born and now has two brands under AmirHakimTeo. AHT Digital to cater to mid size businesses and Pavilion Media to cater to luxury and high end clients in Singapore. It was towards creating two different offerings, one that was honest and only took on clients that they could actually help.

And instead of focusing on growing their agency, their number one focus was to grow their clients and provide a ROI.